We hate each other.
Women, I mean.
Even feminists,
Who are supposed to be of the attitude:
To hell with the patriarchy,
We women rock!
Especially the feminists.
We cloister into groups
Of people who think just like we do;
Like this is still junior high
And we need to be in the right clique.
We become exclusionary.
She's heterosexual,
She's not a feminist!
She shaves her legs,
She's not a feminist!
She wears make-up,
She's not a feminist!
She voted for Dole,
She's not a feminist!
She's not
One of us.
Don't even think to suggest that it's alright to be a mother.
To stay at home and raise the kids.
We've evolved beyond that.
We must be homogenous.
Anti-death penalty.
But for women in combat.
For homosexual rights.
I thought the idea was
That we were sick of people,
Telling us what to think.
But women doing so is okay?
Our strength is in our diversity.
In our being everywhere.
In homes
In schools
In combat
In physics
In construction
So that we can no longer be pinned down to one role.
So we can be equal.
So we can be multicultural feminists.

1996 Jennifer Dawn Crispin. All rights reserved.
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